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Protecting America’s Wildlife Refuges                 

The National Wildlife Refuge Association is a non-profit exclusively focused on protecting and promoting the 850 million-acre National Wildlife Refuge System, the world’s largest network of lands and waters set aside for wildlife conservation.

Founded in 1975, the Refuge Association’s mission is to conserve America’s wildlife for future generations through programs that protect, enhance and expand the National Wildlife Refuge System and the landscapes beyond its boundaries.

We rally together refuge friends groups and volunteers, birders, hunters, anglers, ranchers, students and other conservation nonprofits to create a collective voice for the Refuge System. And, we cooperate with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to help staff efficiently and effectively accomplish an ambitious conservation mission for the benefit of the American public protecting endangered species, biological diversity and all the wildlife who call the Refuge System home.

Our Goals:

Build a Strong Constituency for Wildlife

  • The Refuge Association is continually working to build a comprehensive grassroots network of refuge friends groups throughout the country that will lend their hands and their voices to support America’s wildlife refuges and wildlife conservation on the local, regional and national levels.
  • The Refuge Association also mobilizes hundreds of volunteer refuge Friends groups and thousands of private citizens across the country to tackle the challenges facing America’s national wildlife refuges.
  • Through training workshops, communications networks, partnerships, Hill visits and advocacy, we generate support for wildlife refuges locally as well as the National Wildlife Refuge System as a whole.

Give Wildlife a Voice on Capitol Hill

  • We vigilantly watch for policies and legislation that undermine the integrity of the Refuge System, while advocating for efforts that advance wildlife conservation.
  • The Refuge Association addresses Refuge System funding, management, and strategic growth, while also promoting other programs that help maximize the system’s conservation impact. We depend on our growing Action Network, comprising thousands of citizens who want to make a difference for wildlife, to carry our message quickly and effectively to policy-makers.

Conserve the Integrity of the National Wildlife Refuge System

  • From manatees swimming in warm Florida waters to the pronghorn of the Great Basin, wildlife in America is threatened by habitat loss and human encroachment near wildlife refuges.
  • In response to the alarming loss of vital refuge buffer habitat, the Refuge Association launched the Beyond the Boundaries program in 2005 to expand support for conserving landscapes surrounding national wildlife refuges. We believe that conservation cannot be confined to lines on a map or a refuge “box.”

Through partnerships with government agencies, private landowners and conservation organizations, Beyond the Boundaries brings a compelling vision of landscape conservation together with the people and resources that can make it happen. Our strategic approach to landscape conservation seeks to safeguard open space, rural ways of life and a healthy environment while ensuring that our wildlife heritage is protected for generations.

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What can you do to help?

By making a contribution to the National Wildlife Refuge Association you’ll enable our team to continue to continue its work to protect and enhance landscapes and wildlife across the country, support and develop refuge Friends Groups, and advocate for the Refuge System with decision-makers. Please consider making a donation today.

Through the Action Network you will be able to take immediate action on measures affecting our national wildlife refuges and associated conservation programs. Please join today and help us stand up for the refuges!

Support the Refuge Association through the Combined Federal Campaign. If your workplace participates in the Combined Federal Campaign, please remember the Refuge Association when the time comes to make your annual pledge!  Our CFC number is 10076.

Read our annual report for more details:

Our 2018 Annual Report


Click here to view our FY16 Public Form 990

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